The Gathering™ is the ultimate showcase platform for new and developing Alternative bands to perform in front of the best and brightest minds in the music business. Major market Alternative radio programmers, integral music supervisors, and key bloggers will gather at the legendary Brown Hotel for three days of Alternative music, networking, and idea sharing at our Industry Talks events.   

Louisville was chosen as the location for its lifestyle and abundance of high quality brands, including The Kentucky Derby, Louisville Slugger, famous whiskey distillers, and the home of the greatest boxer in history, Muhammad Ali. The Gathering taps into the local culture by kicking off with the sound of the bugle at our opening night event at Churchill Downs Racetrack, home of The Kentucky Derby. We continue for the following 2 days with Industry Talks, meetings and artist showcases at local distilleries and The Mercury Ballroom.     

All like-minded individuals from the Alternative music world are invited to come and gather with AMPLIFY Entertainment Group™ as we build a new benchmark event to highlight rising artists and hold thought-provoking discussions about the challenges of today's music industry.  



GG 2017

"Maybe I'm a little biased as AMPLIFY along with Red Bull Crusher Joe Guzik have been my team for 6 straight alt top 5's and 9 million total singles sold ... The Gathering is the best radio event bar none for artists , facetime with all of our great friends over the years and lots and lots of Whiskey 🥃.... you can't go wrong . Surprised more mgrs don't make the scene 😁 but I'm good with that."

Berko Pearce


“Best radio event we’ve been to in YEARS.  We had an outstanding time showcasing our artists and playing music for a quality group of programmers.  Everything you did, from the events, to the amazing locations down to the food (yes, that matters!) was spot on.  The Gathering is a terrific place for the Alternative Rock community to come together and we’re looking forward to coming back for years to come”

Robbie Lloyd
National Alternative Promotion Interscope Geffen A&M


"The Gathering was a great event, full of good music and good people. Also, it was nice to come together and rally around a great cause, #savedereksleg” 

Michelle Rutowski
WLUM Milwaukee 


“While I was new to The Gathering I can promise you I will be back. It was a great showcase where we actually got the time to catch up with everyone, discover bands, and see Louisville. Never felt rushed and everything was perfectly executed as planned!”

Wendy Rollins
WRDA Atlanta


“It's been years since I have attended a radio & records confab and with good reason: there aren't any that matter! That is until C05 launched The Gathering. Tracy & Mike did an amazing job delivering radio's most influential programmers to a fun filled three days in Louisville. The organization and attention to detail was impeccable and from the artists to radio to the labels, everyone had a blast. I give The Gathering an A!”

Ben Berkman
Free Solo


“Great music, the greatest people made for a truly fantastic time! So great to see the Gathering grow and I loved having the opportunity to showcase our unique artist in such a unique setting. Can’t wait for next year!”

Jenni Sperandeo
President Dangerbird Records


“The Gathering, and that’s exactly what it was!  A Gathering of great music, great people.  I’m thrilled that I went and I’ll be back again next year!”

John Boulos
SVP Promotion/Marketing Roadrunner Records



“Well, I think it's fair to say that The Gathering is fast replacing SXSW as THE music event of the year.  Wow.”

Jonathan Pirkle
WNFZ Knoxville


"The Gathering is a great collection of friends from radio and music industry, and a lot of great music. The best part is the tours of the city at fun places! I had never been to Louisville, so I feel like I saw all the hotspots thanks to the fantastic event planning of The Gathering and our several field trips! I am definitely going to attend again next year." 

Brad Savage
WAPS & WKTL Akron-Cleveland-Youngstown, OH


“The Gathering has that ‘Gavin convention’ circa 1999 feel to it and its an amazing opportunity to hang, mingle and network with fellow radio programmers and alt rock industry types from across the county, all while checkin’ out some up-and-coming bands. Plus, the annual West Coast vs East Coast All Stars softball game is worth the trip to Louisville alone."

Aaron Axelsen
Live 105 San Francisco


“We were psyched to partner with The Gathering to showcase our band, Magic Giant.  We got just the reaction we anticipated with such a great slotat the conference.  We’ll be back next year!”

Jill Weindorf
SVP Promotion
Concord Music Group


“The Gathering is a great place to see what’s next in music, catch up with old friends and meet new one. See you next year!”

Leslie Scott
KNDD Seattle


“In a short time the Gathering has become the de facto meeting grounds for program directors and record labels.  If I go to only one convention in 2018 it will be this one.”

Elliott Wood
KTBZ Houston


“The Gathering, while being a radio 'convention' of sorts feels like anything but. I felt like I was on a planned vacation with great music, food, and most important, friends. Thank you for inviting me!”

Chris Payne


“This was my first time going to The Gathering On The Whiskey Trail and I will make a point to be back every year.  It was phenomenal.  The accommodations were terrific.  The lineup were truly acts we will have to consider at some point on the ALT panel. The talent, the scenery, the hospitality, & the people were truly something to remember... or forget depending on how much bourbon you indulged in!”


GG 2016

AWOLNATION , Mercury Ballroom, 2016

AWOLNATION, Mercury Ballroom, 2016

"After seeing AWOLNATION and connecting with their team at Gathering on the Whisky Trail last year, I pitched their single “Run” for a new series promo which landed. Freeform ran a four month long, promotional campaign (on-air, online and in-theatre) for the new series entitled BEYOND.  The synch placement was stellar for all of us and stemmed 100% from that song burning into my brain during their performance along with the relationships cultivated and deepened, during the Gathering."

Tricia Holloway
Music Executive
Freeform TV

"Great networking with the eclectic mix of emerging artists, label partners, managers and music supervisors. Looking forward to the Gathering 2!"

Mike Kaplan
Program Director
Alt 98.7/Los Angeles/iHeartMedia

The Hunger,  Copper & Kings, 2016

The Hunger, Copper & Kings, 2016

The Moth & The Flame , Copper & Kings, 2016

The Moth & The Flame, Copper & Kings, 2016

"The Gathering is a killer conference that didnʼt feel like work. It let people breathe and network but showed us music we can use! Bands that I was so-so on, I now "Get", and I saw a #1 Alternative chart smash that hasnʼt even been released yet! Iʼm guessing next year Iʼll call in a ringer I met at The Gathering!"

Program Director

IRONTOM , Mercury Ballroom, 2016

IRONTOM, Mercury Ballroom, 2016

"First of all, it was one of the most organized events Iʼve ever attended. I havenʼt been to an event in a very long time that has your entire time planned for you with all of the things youʼd want to do anyway! Secondly, I think the level of bands was amazing. Several of the bands left me wanting more. Isnʼt that what we all want from our audiences - them to need more of what we provide? And finally, and equally as important, it was just great to see and hear the perspective of all sides of the business so we could develop a better understanding of how we can work together in different ways that benefits everyone."

Ross MacLeod
Program Director


"The Gathering was a top notch event in its inaugural year... just the right amount of industry related events and music set against beautiful backdrops. The artists were fantastic when they performed and were awesome at mingling with everyone at the conference. This is an event I would love to attend annually. Congratulations to AMPLIFY on such a well-executed event!"

Ross Mahoney
Program Director/Afternoons
KXTE/Las Vegas

The Brinks,  Barton 1792, 2016

The Brinks, Barton 1792, 2016

Beware of Darkness , Mercury Ballroom, 2016

Beware of Darkness, Mercury Ballroom, 2016

"The Gathering and Louisville were the perfect hosts and backdrop to exposing Bright Antenna's developing artists Mona and Beware of Darkness to new fans and industry like never before. We will be back in 2017. The word is out!"

Braden Merrick
President, Bright Antenna

Mona , Mercury Ballroom, 2016

Mona, Mercury Ballroom, 2016

Broods , Churchill Downs, 2016

Broods, Churchill Downs, 2016

"The Gathering was an awesome experience. The bands were fantastic and they played in cool, interesting venues around Louisville. And, aside from that, the organizers saw to every detail, making the whole experience fun and relaxing."

Ann Kline
Music Supervisor CasaKline

"I was very impressed with The Gathering from start to finish, which was amazing for a first year event. Everything was so well planned and all the events were smooth and seamless, from the friendly and helpful Mint Julep transport, the staff at all the wonderful, unique locations, the delicious food and most important, the fantastic music. It was a great selection of bands and the sound at each venue was flawless. Some of my musical highlights include: The Brinks, Broods, The Moth & The Flame, The Unlikely Candidates, Arkells, TeamMate and Beware Of Darkness. (Oh and of course The History Of Bourbon Through Bluegrass!)"

Bekki Newton
Director, Music
The CW Television Network

Unlikely Candidates , Copper & Kings, 2016

Unlikely Candidates, Copper & Kings, 2016

The Arkells , The Brown Hotel, 2016

The Arkells, The Brown Hotel, 2016

"Just back from The Gathering, and, if you missed it you MISSED IT. Possibly the best music showcase ever! Can't wait ʻtil the Second Annual!"

Jonathan Pirkle
Program Director
WNFZ/Knoxville, TN